About the Initiative - The Present and Future

The Archimedes Initiative began its life as a proposed series of eight five-minute videos. Today, our vision has expanded...

Vision for You
The Archimedes Initiative provides you an internet-based learning system that will significantly contribute to science literacy. The Archimedes Initiative focuses on middle and high school students and their own personal science experiments. Many of these projects are initiated because of science fairs. In all cases, self-learning is the central theme.

Projects are chosen because you wish to answer a question you have, or study a topic you interested in exploring. There is no textbook that you need to follow. In fact, you follow your own initiative. It is your experiments, experiences, and thoughts that matter. Self-learning and individual discovery are the most empowering and enduring pathways to growth.

No matter whether you choose to become a scientist or follow some other career path, in doing a science experiment, you will learn experience on your own a special problem-solving method. You will have fun. And at the same time, you will obtain tools and thought-processes that will serve you well in your whole life.

The Archimedes Initiative will use the next generation of internet-based interactive technologies to connect you to science learning.

This multi-level project has two primary goals:

  1. To improve science literacy in the United States; and
  2. To increase the pipeline of scientists, engineers and other technical professionals in the United States.

We focus on increasing interest and understanding of science and technology among young people. At present, there are often educational, structural and personal barriers to our youth becoming involved in casual or competitive experimentation. By demonstrating the success of their peers and providing a venue for recognition, those barriers can be reduced. The project’s ultimate incarnation is to provide a self-perpetuating outlet for high school students whose interest in science has grown and evolved.

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