Cookbook Not Included: Experiments from Scratch

Watch a theme video below, then explore the connections it has to the projects it contains and comments from the topic from which this theme comes.

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What do a Q-tip, a muffler from a 1997 Mercury Tracer and live cockroaches all have in common? Well, they might all be used in designing your experiment. Building contraptions and thingamajigs for science fairs is much easier than you might imagine. You don’t need to be an engineer or a fan of “MacGyver,” all you need is a little creativity and some Arts & Crafts 101 skills. In fact, the best experiments often arise from fun and simple designs. Sure, you might have to make last-second substitutions or look to see where the recipes from past scientists went awry, but just imagine that warm and fuzzy felling you’ll get when your experiment is ready to serve.

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