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The abstract for this proposal reads,

Science Fair Projects in Chemistry.
A Visual Step-by-Step Educational and Motivational Tool

Jeffrey I. Seeman, Ph.D.
Department of Chemistry, University of Richmond, Richmond, VA 23173

Abstract. Network quality videos focusing on “chemistry in a science fair” will be produced. The target audience is upper-middle school and high school students. Each five-minute video will focus on a specific aspect of producing a science fair project, including hypothesis development, experimental design, data collection, data analysis, and conclusions. The videos will encourage youth to consider doing a chemistry science fair project and will provide a framework and a step-by-step process upon which to execute and enjoy doing the project. The students will see and hear other youth who “look just like them” explaining with excitement their chemistry science fair projects. The students will learn substantive chemistry concepts and ideas from the dynamic, world renowned chemist Dudley Herschbach (1986 Nobel Prize in Chemistry) who will narrate the videos. In addition, emphasis will be placed whenever possible on showcasing underrepresented minorities in chemistry in the videos. The students will have a visual connection to the “doing” of a science fair project.