About the Initiative

About The Initiative
The Archimedes Initiative is focused on strengthening science literacy and increasing the number of scientists and engineers in the United States. We've chosen competitive science fairs as the starting place for demonstrating and describing the joy and energy that surrounds self discovery and experimentation in students. Science Fairs, experimentation, engineering projects, health studies, computer programming, and psychological studies all provide a means for students and others to direct their own interests while learning and experiencing at their own pace.

The Immediate Present
This is Phase One of The Initiative's efforts. This site contains thematic videos, all interview content from 50 captured competative science fair projects, and collections of related topics.

Future Phases
We've outlined a clear path for the Initiative over four distinct phases. Each phase increases content and technological capability. The intention is to expose the knowledge we capture to as many people as possible through as many social and structural means as are available. Furthest phases involve an experimentation and invention online community, where projects and experiments can be planned across geographies, compared across boundaries and simultaneously educate all people involved.

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